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School Picnic Tables

School Picnic Benches, Built To Last
At MG Timber, our main objective is keeping our customers safe. This is even more pertinent when we are creating outdoor picnic tables for schools. Children love life and are full of boundless energy. They are at an age when running around freely, climbing on everything and jumping off anything is fun. Youngsters don’t see outdoor school seating as a potential hazard and, thanks to our skilled craftsmen, they can play freely knowing our school picnic benches are made from a smooth wood and all corners boast softened edges.

Our School Picnic Tables Are Expertly Crafted

MG Timber can provide schools and nurseries with the most elegant outdoor playground furniture and picnic tables in the UK. Created specifically for the next generation, our school playground benches are built with rugged Swedish redwood and meet the latest health and safety requirements.

Our kid’s picnic tables are ideal for schools and nurseries to use as playground benches. The wood we use for our playschool picnic tables comes in a super smooth finish, reducing the risk of splinters and allowing schools and nurseries to paint them any colour they desire.

Kids Picnic Tables Are A Hit With Children Of All Ages

One of our most popular products at MG Timber is our kid’s picnic table. It’s ideal for those little ones who want to act like an adult, but don’t want their legs dangling from the school outdoor bench or having to stretch to get their hands on the table. Our primary school outdoor furniture is a mini version of our traditional A-frame picnic table and is guaranteed to be a firm hit with children up and down the country.

As a company, we are proud to create school benches that look good, feel great, and don’t cost the earth. Our outdoor school seating areas have also been designed to last, so it doesn’t matter how boisterous your pupils may get, our picnic tables will cope with their demands.

We are thrilled to play a small part in the education of the next generation.

For further information about our selection of school benches and kids picnic tables, please contact our sales team on 07899 306359 or email [email protected].

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