Varnished Picnic Bench With White Legs

Our customer was inspired to add contrast to their picnic table. With a coat of varnish on the table and seat surfaces against white painted legs, this really pops.

Black And Varnished Picnic Table

This A-frame picnic table has been lovingly decorated with a dark wood varnish and black paint for a stunning contrast.

Blue-grey painted Raised Bed

The blue-grey paint on this raised bed looks great against the buff yellow pebbles.

Pink and Blue Kids Picnic Table

Picnic tables don't have to be just for grown-ups. Our customer made a bold statement adding pink and blue to their kids table.

Feeling Inspired?

Now you’ve seen how some of our customers have been inspired, it’s your turn. If you think you’ve done something original with your piece of garden furniture from MG Timber, let us know and we’ll feature you on this page. Maybe you can inspire a new garden trend.

If you haven’t purchased from us yet, why wait? With a wide range of hand-made picnic benches, workbenches, planters and log stores to choose from, and a little inspiration, you can and give your garden a fresh look.

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