Our mission to help you connect 

MG Timber prides itself on creating spaces that allow you to connect with friends & family, the natural environment, and to yourselves. Despite having the most advanced technology which allows us to stay connected to almost everyone, and everything where we are in the world, people are feeling more disconnected from the world and others than ever before. At MG Timber we want to ensure you have the time and space for a real authentic connection, whether that be spending time with family at a garden patio, seeing friends at a public house, or taking 15 minutes to relax on the patio and collect your thoughts..


With our team of two we offer a level of personal accountability to each and every one of our customers. Our garden furniture is not produced overseas in faceless factories, we currently work out of a small workshop where all operations take place. From receiving the raw material, manufacturing the product to packaging and posting we take full ownership in delivering a top notch service from start to finish.

Quality at Great Value

MG Timber formed in 2016 with a vision of delivering high-quality outdoor garden furniture than what was commonly found in the current market. Starting out solely with our classic A-frame wooden Picnic Table it wasn’t long before our business gained a lot of popularity. Keeping to our mission of delivering the best possible value as opposed to the cheapest cost, we continue to grow our range of products.



We do not claim to be the biggest company out there nor do we claim to offer the cheapest products on the market. What we do offer is complete transparency, what you see is what you get. We offer a select range of premium quality outdoor furniture products. We feel it counter intuitive to attempt to be all things to all customers, if your looking for quality & budget picnic benches over cost Mg Timber Products is the place for you.