Kids Picnic Table



  • The same chunky furniture graded 95mm x 45mm Swedish redwood used in all our other designs
  • Tanalith E pressure treatment
  • Great on patios, gardens and conservatories
  • Smooth to the touch
  • Softened edges
  • Takes paints well thanks to the super smooth finish
  • Mini version of the popular pub style picnic bench

Check out the real time assembly video below to see just how easy we’ve made this product to assemble.





Our kids picnic bench is a miniature version of the popular A-frame picnic table so its ideal for your little ones, even if its a toddlers picnic table you searching for.

Kids picnic tables with safety in mind

The kids picnic bench designed by MG Timber is not only built using high quality Swedish timber making it strong and durable but it also features softened edges to prevent your child from catching themselves on any sharp edges.

Your childrens picnic bench, your way

We know that each child is different so we do not pre paint our kids wooden picnic table range. This allows you to tailor your kids outdoor furniture to suit their taste. These benches take paint extremely well so you can be sure that your bench will be looking vibrant in no time.

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