Kids Picnic Table

Our kids picnic tables are a miniature version of the popular A-frame picnic bench, making it a perfect table for little ones to enjoy outdoors. Carefully crafted using Swedish Redwood, our children’s picnic benches have been specifically designed to give youngsters a suitable seating area in the garden or at school.

Ranging in price between £90 and £110, a kids picnic table would be a great addition to any home. It will provide them with somewhere comfortable to read when the sun is shining, enjoy lunch or dinner outdoors with the family or, as the more boisterous children will do, use it as a makeshift climbing frame!

  • The same chunky furniture graded 95mm x 45mm Swedish redwood used in all our other designs
  • Tanalith E pressure treatment
  • Great on patios, gardens and conservatories
  • Smooth to the touch
  • Softened edges
  • Takes paints well thanks to the super smooth finish
  • Mini version of the popular pub style picnic bench





Our kids picnic bench is a miniature version of the popular A-frame picnic table so its ideal for your little ones, even if its a toddlers picnic table you searching for.

Kids picnic tables with safety in mind

The children’s picnic benches designed by MG Timber have your children’s welfare at heart. Not only are they made using high quality Swedish timber, making them super strong and highly durable, they also feature softened edges that prevent your children from injuring themselves on any sharp edges.

Perfectly formed, our kids picnic tables allow youngsters to sit down properly, letting their feet touch the floor instead of dangling off the end.

Children are naturally curious and love exploring. If you already have a picnic table in your garden they will have most likely tried climbing on top of the table and jumping off the benches and table itself. That can be highly dangerous as children may slip or accidentally injure themselves on the way down.

With a kids picnic table, the chances of serious injury are reduced as they are not as high as a traditional picnic bench.

Your children’s picnic bench, your way

At MG Timber, you can customise your children’s picnic bench anyway you choose. We are fully aware that children have their own likes and dislikes, especially when it comes to colours. That’s why we do not pre-paint our kids wooden picnic table range. This allows you to personalise your children’s outdoor furniture to suit their individual taste. You can choose to keep them plain and simple or you can get creative and paint them yourself. Paint the benches in their favourite football team’s colours or light up your garden with a multi-coloured rainbow-style bench.

Swedish redwood takes paint exceptionally well, so you can be sure your bench will light up your garden for years to come.

Ideal for home gardens, schools and pub and restaurants’ outdoor dining areas, our kids picnic tables can enhance any setting.

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