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Kids Outdoor Furniture

Beautifully Crafted Kids Picnic Tables
MG Timber can supply parents, schools, nurseries and pubs across the UK with the finest range of kids picnic tables. Our children’s picnic tables are a smaller version of our popular A-frame picnic bench and are created from the strongest and most resilient wood for outdoor furniture, Swedish redwood.

Kids Picnic Tables Designed For Comfort & Style


Keep your kids safe in the garden this summer with a picnic table that has been specifically designed with your children in mind. Made from the finest Swedish redwood, our kids garden tables are a miniature version of our popular A-frame picnic tables and provide children with a safe place to read, eat and, with kids being kids, even climb.

A strong and sturdy picnic table can be a welcome addition to any garden. They allow us to sit back, relax with friends, enjoy our garden and soak up the sunshine. However, traditional picnic tables can be uncomfortable and potentially dangerous for children. How many times have you seen a child’s legs dangling off the bench, unable to reach the floor, or fall backwards, bumping their heads?

We have seen and heard many stories about children injuring themselves on full-sized picnic tables, that’s why we decided to create our own kids wooden picnic tables. These smaller picnic benches, which come with rounded corners for added safety, make garden time much more accessible for children of all ages.

Hand Crafted Children’s Picnic Benches That Look Great Anywhere

Our kids wooden picnic benches will make a perfect addition to any garden. They are available in a variety of widths, ranging from 3ft to 7ft, are super smooth and can be painted, allowing youngsters to totally customise their own children’s garden table. Whether you want your kids picnic table to be plain and simple, painted in one bright, vibrant colour or to paint each panel a different colour of the rainbow, you can be as creative as you want.

Our kids wooden picnic benches, which range in price between £90 and £110, will also look great in school playgrounds, nurseries or pub gardens.

For further information about our selection of kids picnic tables, please contact our sales team on 07899 306359 or email [email protected]

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