There are many specials of wood, from cedar to oak, teak, and birch. All have their own characteristic, and here we take a look at the benefits of redwood.

Redwood (Pinus Sylvestris) is a high-quality timber that is usually light in colour, with a yellow to reddish-brown tint. This wood species keeps its colour for a longer time compared to other timber species, making it a favourite with craftsmen who produce timber products, where the wood remains visible throughout its lifetime.

The tree produces natural chemicals, which are found within the pores of redwood pine. These chemicals make it rot, weather, and insect resistant. This means it a superior choice for outdoor applications, withstanding hot, cold, windy, and wet weather while deterring insects that might otherwise damage the wood.


Durable & Elegant Garden Furniture

Pinus Sylvestris is a softwood that grows in many European countries but redwood that grows in cold climates is stronger and more durable. It gains these characteristics through its slower growth in colder regions, which increases the redwood’s density, with growth rings tightly packed together. Such strength is rare in softwoods, making it almost unique among tree species.

This density is one reason why we select cuts from Sweden instead of from warmer European countries. The low temperatures of Swedish mountain ranges, high-altitude locations, and northern regions amplify slow growth and ensure density and strength.

Timber from this region is often selected for structural beams because it resists twisting, warping, bending, and cracking. The richly-coloured Swedish redwood also looks stunning, making it a firm favourite in mountain cabins, ski resorts, and other buildings with exposed roof beams.


Only The Best For MG Timber’s Customers

MG Timber chooses to use premium quality redwood with its tight grain making it ideal for functional items such as outdoor picnic tables, wooden garden chairs, and garden coffee tables. We select the finest cuts and only use those that are free of defects for crafting our redwood garden furniture.

The elegance of redwood timber is beautiful and timeless, never going out of style. Our highly-skilled craftsmen create redwood furniture with a super smooth, clean finish. The timber requires little maintenance and lasts far longer than other species of wood, so you can be assured that you will be enjoying these items for decades. The furniture-grade wood will take varnish or paint, giving you almost endless finishing choices to match your garden vision.

We are committed to giving our customers the best, and our reputation attracts not only homeowners but commercial business such as hotels and restaurants, parks, and pubs. If you are searching for the best for your outdoor space, garden, or patio, then MG Timber and redwood are the choices to make.


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