After what has seemed like an age, the Coronavirus lockdown has been lifted in England. This means that entertaining in outdoor spaces with parties of up to six people or with one other household is permitted, so it is time to bring out the garden furniture and celebrate with a garden party.

If you have been dreaming of lighting your fire pit, pizza oven, or barbecue, then it is time to spruce up your garden and get it guest-ready as we enjoy spring and its transition to summertime.

Here we give you our top tips for creating the perfect outdoor entertaining space:

  1. Keep warm with a fire pit – Keeping warm or simply creating an alluring ambience is essential, and a fire pit will bring your garden space to life while protecting your family and guests from the weather’s chill. You can complement this focal point with other warming accessories such as blankets or free-standing gas heaters, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors as the hours pass from the day to evening and night.
  2. Clean your patio, terrace, or deck – Outdoor surfaces will undoubtedly have attracted dirt, grime, and mud over winter. You can use a power washer to clean bricks, slabs, and concrete or a stiff broom on wooden decking. You can soften the aesthetic of these spaces by adding outdoor rugs and placing soft furnishing such as cushions on your garden furniture.
  3. Inspire culinary passion with new cooking equipment – New cooking equipment will motivate the chef in your house to fire up that bbq, smoker, or oven.
  4. Mow your lawn – Let’s face it, no one likes mowing their lawn, particularly if they have neglected it over winter. You can make this job easier by making your first cut on a higher wheel setting, followed by its lowest setting one week later.
  5. Add flower power – Planting flowers is one of the easiest ways to bring colour and fanfare into your garden. Garden guests will instantly be drawn to bulbs, roses, shrubs, and perennials that flower at different times of the year. If your garden parties tend to happen in the evening, choose night-scented greenery such as Honeysuckle, Jasmine, or Phlox. Flowering plants also add a beautiful aroma, but if you are sensitive to allergens such as pollen, you can opt for fabric flowers or use colourful pots in conjunction with non-flowering plants or herbs.

Garden Furniture Your Guests Won’t Want To Leave

Of course, the number one thing that will ensure the comfort and happiness of your guests is good quality garden furniture. New garden furniture will transform any outdoor space. We believe that wooden garden furniture is the choice most in tune with nature and the environment.

Our Swedish redwood garden furniture accommodates your needs with every option, from love seats to picnic benches and children’s picnic tables. If you already own garden furniture from MG Timber, remember to maintain your wooden garden furniture by giving it a clean and treating it with a preservative, insect repellent, and end-grain sealer.

Keeping Yourself, Your Loved Ones & Garden Safe

Remember to stay safe and protect your loved ones this spring. On hot days be sure to apply sun lotion, wear a sun hat, and drink plenty of fluids. Furthermore, evening lighting is a must and helps children and elderly relatives avoid trips and falls.

So, are you ready to accept garden guests this spring? Contact a member of our team today for all your garden furniture needs.