If you are searching for the best outdoor furniture, wooden garden furniture is likely an option you are considering. If you want to maximise the potential of your outdoor space, then it is well worth spending a few minutes considering the benefits of wooden outdoor furniture.

Your garden adds great value to your house and your lifestyle. From enjoying a morning coffee to an afternoon read, a meal with family and friends, or drinks socialising in the evening, enjoying a little fresh air improves your mood and brings those that are special in your life together.

Different garden furniture materials have properties and design characteristics unique to them. Part of your choice will be down to your personal taste, but the function and use should not be overlooked. If your garden is windy, you probably do not want lightweight furniture that blows around. If your tables and chairs will sit outside through the winter, then you probably do not want metal items that might rust.

Garden Furniture Built To Last

High-quality wooden garden furniture does not cost the earth, and it has excellent strength and durability, which makes it a sound investment. With an occasional coat of clear preservative, the good looks and beautiful grain of your wooden garden furniture will be there to enjoy for decades.

Some species of wood are better than others when it comes to durability. MG Timber chooses the best cuts of Swedish redwood because it is weather and rot-resistant, repelling water and its potential to degrade the timber over time. Swedish redwood contains natural chemicals within the wood that protects it from moisture and deters boring insects and bugs.

The treated wooden garden furniture will also not fade in the sun like plastic or rust like metal. Simply put, a Swedish redwood garden chair, picnic table, and workbench will not swell, shrink, warp, rust, or fade.

Timeless Designs

Wood never goes out of fashion, and it brings a natural material into your garden. Wooden garden furniture has a timeless design, adding a touch of style to cottage gardens, balconies, contemporary stone patios, wooden decks, and terraces.

Sturdy and comfortable to sit on, you can use outdoor cushions to add a decorative element to your space, and by changing your cushions or pillowcases, you can update or change the look of your garden whenever you feel the urge.

Wooden garden furniture fulfils any function or uses you may have in mind with a wide range of configurations, including A-frame picnic benches, garden coffee table and chairs, outdoor dining tables, children’s picnic tables, and wooden garden chairs. With recessed fixings, a beautiful finish is achieved, and you have furniture that is safe for all the family to use.

Wherever you are in the UK, you can check out MG Timber’s range and order online for prompt delivery. Don’t let this year pass by without enjoying your garden or outdoor space to its maximum.