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Wooden Log Stores

Wooden Log Sheds & Outdoor Log Stores
Wooden log sheds are a great way to keep your garden tidy when you need to store your supply of firewood. With a small log store or a large log store, you can hold the right amount of wood that you need to keep your home or business warm throughout the winter months.

Why Choose Swedish Redwood Log Stores From MG Timber?

We make our wood log stores from durable Swedish redwood, which gives the log shed a beautiful finish. The log store UK customers can choose will hold the firewood safely, removing the risk of a wood stack collapsing and injuring a person or child.

Our skilled craftsmen manufacture our log storage sheds to the highest standards. The garden log store allows your firewood to season (age) so that your wood burns cleanly and efficiently. This means that there is less smoke when the wood burns, and you benefit from a higher heat output, compared to unseasoned wood that is stored unprotected in the outdoors.

Log Stores Handcrafted In The UK

The log stores for sale, UK and European customers can purchase from MG Timber are handcrafted. Because we craft the log stores, we can offer a range of options such as log stores with doors, which are an exceptional choice for smaller gardens where the area has a dual purpose, such as being used for relaxing, socialising, drinks, and dinners.

From wood log stores to picnic benches and outdoor seating, MG Timber will ensure you receive your order quickly. We are here to help you enjoy your outdoor spaces to the maximum, blending function and beauty seamlessly together.

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