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Wooden Log Stores

Wooden Log Sheds & Outdoor Log Stores
Our premium wooden log stores are handcrafted with a beautiful finish and grain. Our craftspeople have years of expertise, and every garden firewood storage shed is made to the highest standards. This product is a practical and environmentally friendly way to keep your firewood neat and tidy. Our log sheds will last for many years to come and help you keep your fuel in a convenient location, ready for use in your open fire or wood burner.

Do I Need Outdoor Firewood Storage?

You don’t want to leave your wood out in the open because it will get wet every time it rains or snows. Stacking your wood in a timber log shed allows it to season so that it burns for a long time and produces high heat output.

Firewood that is dry burns without causing excess smoke, so it makes sense to keep your timber dry and safely stored away. We make the best log stores, and they are an easy self-assembly solution. 

Space saving wooden log stores

Our space-saving garden log store will help you take maximum advantage of the available space in your yard. It may be the case that your outdoor space is small, or you wish to keep logs by a door or along a passageway. The outdoor log storage units are an exceptional choice because they are made from tough, durable, and aesthetically pleasing Swedish Redwood.

We offer various sizes and capacities to meet your winter fuel needs, protecting your firewood from the elements. Firewood storage is available for 0.5, 0.8, 1, 1.5, and 2 cubic metres. If your storage needs exceed these, please get in touch. Our log sheds are perfect for large and small gardens, helping you utilise your outdoor space to its max.

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