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Public Sector

Wooden garden furniture for hospitals, care homes and public parks
MG Timber can provide the finest wooden furniture to a range of industries within the public sector. Whether you work within healthcare, education, law enforcement or the emergency services, if you are looking for a wooden bench or outdoor furniture, we have you covered.

Quality Wooden Benches For The Public Sector

A well-crafted picnic bench or wooden chair in a hospital or a hospice setting can lift the spirits of those who use them. Not only are they incredible to look at and sit on, our wooden garden dining sets allow guests, patients and staff to collect their thoughts, reflect on their job at hand and provide somewhere comfortable to eat and catch up.

Use Our Wooden Garden Dining Sets For A Well-Earned Break

Outdoor furniture also provides desk-bound workers the chance to get some fresh air and give their eyes a much-needed break from their computer screens.

For more details on the range of wooden outdoor furniture that can be used in the public sector, call a member of our sales team on 07899 306359 or email [email protected]

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