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Handmade in the UK by our skilled craftsmen

Made Using Finest Swedish Redwood

Fast delivery throughout the UK

Have you ever had a large family get-together and been on tenterhooks as the young children try to climb up on the picnic table to eat and drink? Children have no fear, but you know there will be tears if one falls off or bangs their head on the table.

If only there was a way to let them enjoy their time outside in the garden without putting their health and safety at risk and allowing you the opportunity to relax and enjoy your ham and cheese sandwiches.

Well, thanks to MG Timber, you can. We have created a kids’ picnic table that is guaranteed to put a smile on your children’s faces. The kids’ picnic table is a mini replica of our popular adult picnic bench and not only does it look great, with the option to paint it whichever colour you desire, it will provide total comfort for your little ones, allowing them to act like adults.

Made from the finest Swedish redwood, our kids’ picnic tables are designed to see them grow into adulthood.

Talking of adulthood, isn’t life peculiar? We spend years of our childhood praying to be older, have more freedom and responsibility, but then when we reach that age we start to crave for a return of those care-free childhood years! Now kids can have some of that freedom by pretending to be all grown up, safe in the knowledge that this perfectly sized picnic table is going to keep them safe and sound.

If you would like to find out more regarding our wooden garden furniture and picnic benches, contact us today on 07899306359 or email [email protected]