As the warm weather approaches, it is time to start thinking about your outdoor space. Outdoor areas, decking and patios are an extension of your business. Whether you are extending your current offering, creating a new space, or dusting down the old. Having an alluring outdoor space can seriously impact your profit, by creating a popular, appealing dining experience. Offering outdoor dining with stylish commercial picnic benches can truly make your premises appealing. Or simply offering a space with pub benches placed outside. These open areas provide options to your customers whilst also extending your businesses space.

Creating An Inviting Outdoor Seating Area

Clean Inviting Area

If you are dusting down your commercial outdoor furniture from last year or expanding, having an area that is clean is vital. Removing fabrics and washing them, brushing off debris such as cob webs and leaves, even pressure washing if required.

Ensure Privacy

A stunning outdoor space is not as relaxing if it is looked upon by other businesses or neighbours. You want your visitors and staff to feel comfortable. Creating that private area is key to this, either by adding shrubbery, vines, or fences. Privacy doesn’t have to mean boring and secluded, and these features can quickly become a focal point for the space. By creating this privacy boundary, it can evoke a feeling of intimacy and relaxation.

Shade & Shelter

Although your customers might enjoy the limited British sun it is still important to offer a shaded area. Furthermore, a sheltered area to protect your them from the elements such as a cool breeze. These can also add to the character of the space and define the area. Providing a shaded sheltered option could increase comfort for those seeking the outdoor area but wanting to stay cool and protected.


Outdoor dining sets are a vital component to a well thought out outdoor space. The idea is to extend your welcoming business atmosphere to the outside. Many ideal commercial outdoor spaces offer a large area for footfall whilst also being intimate in scale. By ensuring the furniture encompasses comfort, style, and practicality you can easily create a setting for memorable gatherings.


It is essential that everyone can enjoy your outdoor space. Therefore, making sure there is a ramp if the area is raised as well as adequate moving space and even ground. If you invest in commercial picnic benches perhaps consider buying a few wheelchair accessible picnic tables for inclusivity.


Making your space visually appealing is very important. Adding small touches such as flowers, art, lighting can all appeal to your customer’s eyes. Therefore, drawing their attention to you and developing that connection that they will hopefully talk to their friends and family about.

How To Check Your Outdoor Dining Furniture

No matter if you are buying new or moving forward with your old commercial outdoor furniture, it all needs to be checked. These checks could cover:

  • Checking screws and joins are still in place
  • Looking for rust or wood rot that could made the furniture unstable
  • Checking for any cracks or chips especially in glass tops
  • Oiling any frame joints or umbrellas to ensure they open and close properly
  • Overall wear and tear
  • Worn paint and overall faded areas

With outdoor furniture it is vital it is protected year upon year. Protecting It either by covering, storing it in garage or simply removing the furnishings is often not enough. The furniture is likely to still gather dirt and rot if you don’t clean it every so often. When it comes to wooden furniture there are various outdoor wood treatments you can purchase which will extend its longevity.

Durable & Sturdy Commercial Picnic Benches

Outdoor furniture is more of an investment piece that you will be using for years to come. So, you want to choose something that is reliable, resistant to elements yet comfortable. The furniture needs to be water resistant, prevent mould and have UV-resistant qualities so it doesn’t fade.


Here at MG Timber, we pride ourselves on our high quality bespoke commercial outdoor furniture. We can ensure your outdoor dining area is cohesive as well as visually appealing to your customers. All of our picnic and pub benches are hand made and tailored to you at our manufacturing facility in the West Midlands. Using the finest timber our furniture is guaranteed to last you for many years to come.


For any questions or to tailor your order of both commercial picnic benches and pub benches contact us today.