The garden and great outdoors is a fantastic place for children and the family to enjoy. Whether it is a home, school, nursery, or pub garden, the best way to enjoy the space is on child-friendly garden furniture. With child-friendly garden furniture, you can relax and enjoy the spring, autumn, and summer weather, safe in the knowledge that your kids are not being put at undue risk.

But what is child-friendly garden furniture, and what should you consider if you are about to create or revamp your outdoor space?

Child Safe Wood

When you are looking for child-friendly garden furniture, you should consider four key points: surface, height, stability, and finish.

  1. Surface: It is best to look for a super smooth finish, free from splinters that can cut your children’s skin, cause discomfort and pain, and start an infection. Choosing child-safe wood should also include picking seats, tables, and benches with softened edges.
  2. Height: Although many children can sit safely on regular height furniture when accompanied by an adult, it is a good idea to have furniture where the children’s feet can reach the ground. With miniature-sized child-friendly garden furniture, your kids can sit safely on their own and avoid the risk of falling off and bumping their heads.
  3. Stability: Look for a sturdy and robust solution that is unlikely to topple over. Unfortunately, children tend to stand up on furniture and use it as a platform to jump off, so the sturdier, the better.
  4. Finish: If you decide to paint your child-friendly garden furniture, you should choose a product that is low in or has no, Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs). There are many paints and stains that fit into this category, and they are not necessarily more costly than other paints. Water-based finishes that do not contain spirit-based solvents or oil are best. Any paint should be clearly labelled as Low VOC or Minimal VOC. The difference is quite significant, though, with Low VOC containing up to 8% harmful chemicals and Minimal VOC containing only 0.3% toxic chemicals. If you are looking for a safe wood finish for baby furniture, Minimal or no VOC paint is the best choice.

Garden Furniture Designed With Families In Mind

MG Timber manufactures a range of standard adult-sized and smaller child-sized children’s garden furniture, including A-frame picnic benches. Designed with families in mind, you can choose an appropriate height, with our furniture beautifully hand-crafted from Swedish redwood with a safe, smooth finish and softened corners.

Our Swedish redwood childrens picnic table can be painted if you wish. We offer various widths, ranging from 3ft to 7ft, catering to small and larger families. We are proud to create a garden furniture portfolio that will give you and your kids a safe place to eat, drink, relax, study, read, and enjoy craft-based hobbies.

For further information on our products, please contact our friendly team.