The current coronavirus has forced schools across the UK to close their doors and there’s a strong suggestion they may not open again until September at the earliest. Five months off school! The younger version of myself would be ecstatic at that prospect, but now that I am a parent, I am worrying myself sick about how to keep two housebound children entertained during lockdown.

I used to count myself lucky that my children were incredibly active and loved nothing more than being out in the great outdoors. They both play football at the weekend and adore spending time in the local nature reserve, getting dirty and watching squirrels scurrying across the ground and dashing up trees. Unfortunately, their freedom to explore and have fun with their friends has been curtailed to limit the spread of Covid-19 and reduce the number of deaths.

Of course, we totally understand the purpose of the lockdown and the social distancing measures imposed on us by the Government. It’s going to be a tough few months for everyone, but parents are definitely going to be put through the ringer.

So how do you keep children entertained during the lockdown?


I think a lot of this will depend on the age of your children and their distinct personalities. Some children can entertain themselves with books, take on art challenges or learn new skills with ease, while others can be clingy to their parents and require constant support.

Children under four shouldn’t be that affected by the change in routine. They are still in the fun stage where you can pretend that this is all a huge game and that staying indoors is part of a huge challenge between you and your family. There are also several ways of keeping them entertained during the day. Get them ready for school by teaching them how to count, write and talk. You can also play games like hide and seek and tag in the house ensuring they stay safe.

Children between the ages of 4 and 12 have bags of energy and they will be literally bouncing off the walls, particularly if they find where the chocolate is kept! This age group requires a lot of physical stimulation to keep them happy and their spirits high. If you have a garden it’s vital that you get them outside and get them running around. If they love football, encourage them to get a ball out and practice their skills, or just create some fitness drills to keep them active.

It is also strongly advisable to keep their brain stimulated by completing homework set by the school. If it’s sunny outside, put on some sunscreen and sit on your picnic table. Don’t have a wooden picnic bench in your garden? We know someone who can help you out!

Give Your Youngsters A New Picnic Table To Enjoy

Then we have the teenagers, who will arguably be the toughest group of children to keep entertained. They won’t like being told what to do and not being able to see their friends. They will have also outgrown all the jigsaw puzzles and board games you used to enjoy playing as a family. Fortunately, living in the digital age means they will still be able to keep in contact with their friends, arranging group video chats and uploading material to YouTube.

However, again, they should not be cooped up indoors all hours God sends. If you have a garden, get them outside in the fresh air. A new kids picnic bench from MG Timber will provide them with something comfortable to sit on while they Snapchat and post their pictures of isolation on Instagram. Not only will they be thrilled with the new wooden garden bench, it will also make them the envy of their friends.

Of course, this is the perfect moment in time for a sustained lockdown. We have access to hundreds of TV channels, Hollywood movies on demand, Netflix, Amazon Prime, iPlayer, YouTube and several social media platforms that can engage, entertain and educate.

This is a monumental moment in time and nobody has experienced such a unique situation like this. Everyone is concerned about what the future will bring, but we must come together and love one another. It’s more important than ever now that your children deserve your love and care. Encourage them to express their fears and reassure them that we will emerge from this a stronger and happier society.

If you would like to give your children a safe place to learn or relax during the lockdown, speak to a member of our team today at 01902 928663 and explore our wide range of garden furniture options.