Improving your school playground puts your students in a better position to find success. High-quality school playground furniture and equipment should be at the heart of every playground, giving the next generation a varied, clean, and safe space to be in between lessons.

Adding school playground furniture and equipment can improve the outdoor aesthetics of your grounds, bringing benefits to students and schools, as children enjoy a space that encourages interaction, play, study, and relaxation.

Comfortable school picnic table seating, bins to keep the space free from rubbish, and fences and gates that keep students safe and secure by keeping children in and those who shouldn’t be in the playground out, along with shelters and shade, can all work together to improve your school playground.


The Benefits Of A Great Playground

The school playground benefits students by helping them develop a wide range of skills. A great schoolyard aids the physical and mental health of children, encouraging them to spend an adequate amount of time outdoors and away from technology such as computers and their mobile phones. 

A school playground can help students avoid depression by releasing stress and anxiety. By promoting play and relaxation, children are primed for learning when they return to the classroom.

School playground equipment: School playground equipment can benefit children’s physical health as children climb, balance, slide, and stretch as they play games. It will generally encourage them to be on their feet, as opposed to sitting down. Many options such as climbing sets, press-up bars, and fixed bicycles are great at developing coordination, exercising the whole body and cardiovascular system.

School playground furniture: Giving students a place to sit encourages interaction and socialising. Children develop their verbal communication skills and can make new friends, which builds their self-confidence. Study tables can be used as a place to eat or create a space where studying continues and supplements what the student is doing inside the classroom.


Wooden Furniture Safe for Children

MG Timber manufactures and sells a varied selection of wooden furniture that is safe for children. Sized for younger children through to teenagers, our kids picnic benches have rounded corners and softened edges.

Made in the UK to the latest health and safety standards, our craftsmen produce playground furniture with a smooth finish. Selected cuts of furniture-grade Swedish redwood forms the structure of our picnic table, which is made to the right height for the children’s age group.

Our primary school outdoor furniture is a miniaturised version of our A-Frame benches. This style makes for the perfect children’s picnic benches and looks fantastic in the schoolyard.

The playground furniture is strong, sturdy, and designed to last, even with heavy use and with younger children climbing over the seats and tables. The wood is pressure treated to ensure it does not degrade or rot.

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