Your sense of style may drive your choice of garden furniture, but it also pays to consider the furniture’s material and its suitability for the outdoors. Choose wisely, and your outdoor furniture will last for decades, handling the stresses of hot and cold extremes, rain, wind, snow, and general wear and tear in its stride.

Choose poorly, and your furniture may be gone from your patio, balcony, or deck in a few short seasons. Choosing good quality, heavy-duty garden furniture makes a great deal of sense. It will deliver reliable durability and minimal maintenance, coupled with a long life.

But, which garden furniture material will last the longest?

Wooden Garden Furniture

Wooden garden furniture is ideal if you want to create a natural, warm, casual, or formal style. Timber is often the best fit for many outdoor settings, with traditional, classic, and even modern designer looks attainable.

Timber, such as oak, cedar, teak, and eucalyptus, along with our preference, Swedish redwood, offer many benefits, including high durability and low maintenance, not to mention their beautiful grain. The natural oils and chemical properties within the timber protect it from harsh weather, including extreme temperatures and high humidity.

When properly maintained, wooden outdoor furniture can last the longest.

Metal Garden Furniture

The characteristics of metal outdoor furniture depend on the metal itself, which might be aluminium or wrought iron. Aluminium is sturdy and lightweight, but you should be wary of cheap extruded aluminium, which is not as durable as its cast aluminium counterpart. The lighter the frame, the higher the possibility of collecting dents and dings.

Wrought iron is heavy with traditional elegance and charm. While wrought iron outdoor furniture will not be blown away in the wind, wrought-iron requires special care to ensure it does not corrode and rust. You should also expect a reasonable amount of backache when rearranging your wrought iron chairs and tables.

Cast iron is another table and chair material you might consider. However, like other metal furniture, rust resistance and corrosion is a concern.

Plastic Garden Furniture

The quality of plastic outdoor furniture varies greatly, from higher-quality recycled plastics to low-quality plastic that fades when exposed to the UV rays of sunlight and degrades structurally to the point when it cracks or fails. If you are searching for long-lasting outdoor furniture, then it may pay to stay away from plastic altogether and opt for a known and reliable material such as timber.

Wicker Garden Furniture

Creating a rustic or country style is the realm of wicker garden furniture. Utilising cane, bamboo, or rattan materials, you can access a wide range of colours and shades. However, wicker is relatively lightweight, which on the one hand, makes it easy to move but, on the other, makes it susceptible to the wind, blowing over and the wicker snapping.

Glass Garden Furniture

Glass outdoor furniture can be the preferred look for dining tables and coffee tables, but dirt and dust quickly accumulate, adding to your regular cleaning duties. The material that accompanies the glass will most often determine the long or short life of the piece.

Garden Furniture That Will Last For Seasons To Come

Our outdoor furniture is made from Swedish redwood, which is a strong material that is naturally resistant to rot and boring insects. The timber can be left in its natural colour or stained to meet your unique taste. With minimal maintenance, our wooden garden furniture will last for many seasons to come.

If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team, or you can order your domestic and commercial wooden garden furniture online.