In a housing market currently filled with soaring prices and escalating mortgage costs, the dream of owning a home has never been more challenging according to BLG, a Surrey based development finance company. The dream of a home is no longer confined to four walls; it now extends to the dream of wanting a private outdoor garden. As housing prices soar to unprecedented heights, and the prospect of affording mortgages becomes a daunting challenge for many, the mission to find a hotspot with an outdoor space takes centre stage.

However, a beacon of light does emerge in the form of MG Timber’s 2023 Garden Space Report. This report assess regions across the UK; it meticulously ranks them based on the abundance of private outdoor space offered by their properties. Notably, the top ranks of this list highlight the charm of the Southwest of England, where nature entwines seamlessly with residential life.

As the cost of owning a home reaches extraordinary heights, the leading wooden picnic table manufacturer MG Timber report arrives as a resource for those seeking not just a house but a home that harmonises their outdoor space dream. Providing a crucial link between aspiration and achievement in real estate. Join us through this report as we unveil the top-ranking areas, spotlighting the regions where this becomes an attainable reality.

Top 5 Areas To Buy A House With Garden Space (m²)

1.      Cornwall – A Green Haven At The Southwest Tip

Nestled on the southwestern tip of the UK, Cornwall emerges as the unrivalled leader in home garden space, boasting an extensive area of 103,535,976m². This staggering figure catapults Cornwall into a league of its own, surpassing its closest contender by over 15,000,000m². Currently home to a population of 568,210, Cornwall stands as the 40th largest county in England. As we delve into the scenic beauty of Cornwall’s abundant green spaces, it becomes clear why this county reigns supreme in the realm of natural serenity.

2.      Wiltshire – Where Nature Meets Population Growth

Another scenic area in the Southwest of England, proudly claiming the second spot on our list with an impressive garden space spanning 87,565,954m². The county has experienced a notable surge in population, registering a growth of 8.4% from 470,981 in 2011 to the current count of 510,300. Noteworthy settlements in Wiltshire, including Swindon and Trowbridge, add an urban dynamic to the region’s lush green landscapes. Making it a sought-after destination for those seeking a harmonious blend of nature and community.

3.      Dorset – Sandy Beaches & Green Retreats

Ranked third in our lineup, Dorset stands tall with a home garden space covering 74,818,900m². Boasting a population of 379,584, Dorset’s appeal extends beyond its green expanses to the picturesque towns of Poole, Weymouth, and Swanage, renowned for their sandy beaches. In Dorset, residents not only enjoy the luxury of ample outdoor space but also the charm of coastal living, making it a coveted destination for those seeking a seaside haven.

4.      Birmingham – Urban Oasis In The Heart Of The Midlands

Breaking the Southwest streak, Birmingham emerges as a bustling urban oasis, securing its place as the highest-populated area on our list. Home to 1,141,186 people, second only to London, Birmingham surprises with a substantial home green space covering 71,740,420m². This contrast of urban vibrancy and expansive greenery positions Birmingham as a unique destination where city life seamlessly integrates with the comforting embrace of nature.

5.      Shropshire – West Midlands Tranquillity

Rounding out our top five is Shropshire, nestled in the West Midlands region, offering a serene home green space of 68,912,080m². With a total population of 323,600, Shropshire demonstrates the tranquil coexistence of community and nature. As we explore this hidden gem, it becomes evident that Shropshire is not merely a destination but a testament to the art of balanced living, where green expanses provide a soothing backdrop to everyday life in the West Midlands.

Top 5 Areas With The Least Home Garden Space (m²)

1.      City of London – The Urban Core’s Green Oasis

As the financial heartbeat of England, the City of London takes the lead in our list, showcasing the smallest home garden space, a modest 380m². Unsurprisingly, this figure is substantially lower than any other area, lagging behind its closest contender by over 400,000m². Given its status as the capital, the City of London is predominantly occupied by service industries, resulting in a scarcity of green areas within the central hub. In the heart of the bustling metropolis, where skyscrapers touch the sky as once described by a leading roof sheet supplier, Cardinal Steels. Finding a personal green retreat becomes a rare and cherished commodity.

2.      Isles of Scilly – Seclusion with Sparse Green Pockets

The enchanting archipelago off the Cornish coast, the Isles of Scilly, secures its place as the second least endowed with home green space, totalling 438,206m². Despite its breathtaking seascapes and tranquillity, the Isles of Scilly boast the lowest population on our list, a mere 2,054 residents. This combination of seclusion and limited green expanse paints a unique picture of an island life that, while picturesque, demands an intimate connection with the surrounding sea rather than abundant terrestrial greenery.

3.      Westminster – Politics Amidst Green Constraints

Within the bustling metropolis of Greater London, the borough of Westminster stands out as the third in line for the least home green space, spanning 716,766m². Home to the iconic British Parliament, including the House of Commons, Westminster symbolises the hub of political activity. However, this political hub faces the challenge of balancing governance with greenery, as its total population of 204,300 contends with limited open spaces amidst the architectural grandeur.

4.      Tower Hamlets – Urban Living Along the Thames

Situated on the north bank of the River Thames, Tower Hamlets adds to the narrative of limited home green space within the London landscape. With a modest area of 855,432m², Tower Hamlets echoes the trend seen in other London boroughs. The struggle for green breathing spaces amid the urban sprawl is a shared experience, showcasing the persistent dichotomy between city living and nature’s embrace.

5.      Kensington and Chelsea – Elegance with Green Nuances

Completing our list is the inner London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, boasting a home garden space area of 971,252m². Despite its prestigious address and upscale lifestyle, this area contends with constraints on home green space. In the lap of luxury and elegance, residents navigate the delicate balance between urban sophistication and the inherent human desire for a personal green sanctuary.

Top 20 Areas To Buy A House With Garden Space (m²)

Rank Area Garden Space Area (m²)
1 Cornwall 103,535,976
2 Wiltshire 87,565,954
3 Dorset 74,818,900
4 Birmingham 71,740,420
5 Shropshire 68,912,080
6 Highland 65,521,111
7 Aberdeenshire 61,829,210
8 Cheshire East 59,674,455
9 Leeds 57,691,085
10 East Riding of Yorkshire 53,916,008
11 Cheshire West and Chester 50,312,746
12 East Suffolk 48,740,809
13 County Durham 46,935,687
14 Castle Point 46,532,625
15 Wealden 46,452,986
16 Herefordshire, County of 46,039,978
17 Northumberland 44,442,982
18 Sheffield 39,851,566
19 Fife 39,189,095
20 Carmarthenshire 37,411,793

Top 20 Areas With The Least Home Green Space (m²)

Rank Area Garden Space Area (m²)
1 City of London 380
2 Isles of Scilly 438,206
3 Westminster 716,766
4 Tower Hamlets 855,432
5 Kensington and Chelsea 971,252
6 Islington 1,205,022
7 Hammersmith and Fulham 1,520,100
8 Camden 1,719,218
9 Hackney 1,978,745
10 Southwark 3,364,092
11 Lambeth 4,276,354
12 Merthyr Tydfil 4,316,403
13 Harlow 4,533,999
14 Hyndburn 4,592,727
15 Wandsworth 4,639,493
16 Gosport 4,751,793
17 Haringey 4,815,655
18 Blaenau Gwent 4,916,354
19 Stevenage 4,957,304
20 Adur 5,095,973


  • The data around access to gardens and public green spaces in Great Britain was taken from the Office for National Statistics.
  • To find out the population of each area in both top five lists, we used data from the 2021 Census report which is the most recent publication on the population of each place in the UK.
  • Our digital marketing company then downloaded the recent ‘Access to garden space, Great Britain’ dataset and pulled out the data for every area in the UK in an Excel spreadsheet.
  • From this we then pulled out the ‘private outdoor space total area (m²)’ section in the ‘Housing’ tab to find the places with the highest and lowest amount of home green space. This sorted the list from highest to lowest to create the rankings.

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