With National Lockdown 3 underway and Tier 4 Restrictions, visiting your local beer garden is not on the cards. The result of these restrictions has created an increased demand for outdoor pub furniture. Many people across the UK see their gardens as the only space where they can sit down, relax, and enjoy being outside safely.

Many pubs, restaurants, and bars are also ordering outdoor pub furniture in preparation for re-opening their on-premises areas once restrictions ease.

If you can’t resist the pub or restaurant-quality food and wish to enjoy this in your garden, then there are options open to you, which sit inside the current regulations.

Currently, pubs, restaurants, and bars can offer food and non-alcoholic drinks on a takeaway basis between the hours of 5 am and 11 pm. You can enter their premises to place your order and collect it, use click and collect, drive through, or opt for delivery with orders placed over the phone, by email, online, or in an app. However, delivery is the only option where you can order alcohol.

Are Pub Gardens Our Way Back To Pubs?

Presently, adjacent areas, including places where seating is available for the consumption of drink and food, are closed. As more vaccinations are given, and Tier 4 Restrictions are eased, pub gardens may be the first option available for drinking and eating at a pub, cafe, or restaurant.

We know that the risk of catching or spreading the COVID-19 virus is reduced outside, so this would seem to be the most sensible first step. Of course, outdoor pub furniture will need to be spaced apart to comply with social distancing guidance. The pub garden furniture will also likely need to be cleaned and disinfected between guests.

Furthermore, patrons will probably not be allowed to mingle with other groups, and parties could be restricted to six. There is also the possibility that establishments may need to record visitors’ contact details for tracking and tracing in case of localised outbreaks.

Hopefully, as the spring and summer months approach, pub gardens will give the British public some form of normality and freedom. As a nation, we are well known for our love of spending time in beer gardens, relaxing on outdoor pub furniture on sunny afternoons and evenings.

Quality Outdoor Pub Furniture

Whether you are a homeowner looking to kit out your back garden with pub-quality commercial picnic tables or a pub landlord looking to replace or order more outdoor pub furniture, MG Timber has the product you need.

Our outdoor pub furniture is made from Swedish Redwood, a beautiful choice of timber with amazing grain and character, coupled with excellent durability. Our range includes free-standing tables and benches, traditional A-frame models, wheelchair accessible picnic tables, and two-seater pub benches that are ideal for smaller gardens and patios.

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