If you have invested in high-quality garden furniture, it has the potential to last for many years if it is properly maintained with wood treatment. It is easy to forget about caring for your wooden garden chairs and tables, and if you do, you may end up rebuying items over and over again.

A wood treatment will keep your coffee table looking its best and ensure seats remain safe and in good condition. You do not need any special skills; anyone can protect their outdoor furniture from wind, rain, snow, ice, and the sun’s strong UV rays.

What Is A Wood Treatment 

A protective wood treatment contains ingredients that will help your items last. You should apply a garden furniture treatment to all outdoor dining sets, and picnic tables at the end of the summer. The outdoor wood treatment you use depends on the piece you will treat and the wood that it is made from. 

For softwood and Swedish Redwood: 

Clean Choose a dry day when no rain is forecast. Clean away any mould, dirt, stains, algae, and grime. You can use a wood cleaner to take the effort out of this job, and it can be applied to new or previously treated wood. Ensure your wood cleaner is environmentally friendly. 

Dry Allow the furniture to dry, even if this process takes you into the next day. 

Preserve Water-based wood preservatives can be clear or coloured. Use an eco-friendly product and pay particular attention to horizontal surfaces where water may sit. 

Repel A repellent contains natural growth substances and repels liquids, stops mould, and prevents algae growth. 

Seal End grain sealing with a weather-resistant yet breathable finish is important. The sealer will prevent cracking, repel water and dirt, and reduce swelling and shrinking. 

For hardwood: 

Hardwood contains more natural oils and needs treating with high-grade teak oil or natural oil wood stain. 

How It Protects Your Garden Furniture 

Our Organowood protection system works by mimicking the natural fossilisation process to protect the wood from rot and flames. The system works by creating a barrier between the wood and the weather. The barrier consists of silicon minerals, silicon polymers, and natural plant compounds, which protect against fungus.

A water-based wood treatment will protect your outdoor garden furniture for one year. You can also further protect your items by keeping the feet off the ground or tilting the furniture if it cannot be covered.

Now it is time to use the best wood treatment for your furniture to ensure many years of enjoyment.