Efficiency is about making the best possible use of resources and is important for all businesses no matter the size. The more efficient a business is in its daily operations the more the business can grow with maximum output. There are a number of ways efficiency can be increased within a company. For instance, adding effective workbenches and areas for workers. Furthermore, workbenches are highly versatile and ideal for any heavy-duty work. They can make working within an environment more productive for many reasons. Here MG Timber has covered some main advantages to wooden workbenches within your workspace.

Heavy-Duty Timber

Industrial workbenches using heavy-duty timber are designed to hold up to 950kg. This is important due to the fact staff could be working with heavy equipment and parts that could damage other working areas. A heavy-duty workbench is able to withstand these tools and machines with no damage when used daily.  Furthermore, they are built to withstand stress and hold up well even under extreme pressure.

Creates Less Noise

Often there are two types of workbenches timber workbench and metal. One main advantage of a wooden workbench is it is a lot quieter. Therefore, reducing any chances of noise complaints from both staff and neighbours.

Safety Measures

The design of a workbench is a vital aspect to consider when looking at productivity and work being produced. The risk of accidents and injuries, back-related problems, and strains is high when bending over completing day to day tasks. Wooden workbenches can be designed to adjust to the user’s height and personal specifications. Furthermore, often they have a method of holding the work in place. Therefore, enabling the user to stand in a comfortable position while having both of their hands-free. Additionally, having these safety measures in place can have a huge impact on the quality of products produced.

Added Storage

Workbenches have the added ability to provide extra space in workshops. With additional shelves, they add space and are designed to store tools that may clutter other areas within your workplace. Therefore, resulting in a more organised and tidy workspace.

MG Timber

MG Timber offers a broad range of workbenches to suit you and your working requirements. Our wooden workbenches are able to withstand up to 950kg and have additional shelving. Using the highest quality Swedish redwood our wooden workbenches are the ideal companion for any professional.

Each slat is planned to create a flat smooth, tabletop working area. With a range of bespoke sizes and an added option of engraving, your UK-made workbench can truly withstand the test of time. Furthermore, we use stretcher plates to allow the timber to expand without causing warps and twists.

Contact us today to start benefiting from your bespoke wooden workbench.