Creating a garden party that brings people together is a great summer event. Garden parties are set to be the hottest events of the summer, but how do you set your event up for success?

Food & Drinks

Drinks at a garden party are crucial, particularly on hot sunny afternoons, when the heat is most extreme. You can help everyone stay hydrated and encourage socialisation with a range of soft and alcoholic drinks. If kids are being hosted, then you might like to create various non-alcoholic cocktails, so they feel included. A cool box or bag filled with ice or freezer blocks works well if you don’t want to be walking back inside to your fridge constantly.

Food at your garden party is often expected and creates a wonderful anticipatory event. Your food can take on the form of BBQ grub or tapas and seafood if your guests have discerning tastes.

Good Seating

Standing is good for mingling at a larger garden party, but between this early activity and possibly dancing, later on, your guests need somewhere to sit down.

Good quality wooden garden furniture is crucial, and you should consider the activities that will take place and the variety of guests attending your garden party. If you are serving food, then a garden dining set is essential. This can take the form of a table and chairs.

If your guests have children or you are arranging a children’s garden party, then a picnic table works well, especially our a-frame picnic bench. Our children’s picnic tables are also available as a standalone product, and the smaller size makes access easy, not to mention safer. We all know how noisy children can be, so consider if you want everyone together or whether to create an adult’s only space in one corner of your garden.

If your event is less formal and includes only drinks or drinks and finger food, then your wooden garden furniture might consist of wooden garden chairs set around a garden coffee table.

To create a comfortable ambience, you can add cushions and throw-blankets. It would help if you also considered shade when positioning your garden dining set. Furthermore, sunscreen and insect repellent are a welcome addition that shows you care.


Activities are the perfect way to bring people together and encourage engagement and laughter. You could go retro with hula hoops and bubbles or set up lawn bowls or hopscotch. Background music is often appreciated and avoids awkward silences, but keep the volume under control as the night progresses, unless you want angry neighbours or the police knocking on your door.


If your garden party will extend into the evening hours, then ambient lighting is essential. As sunset occurs earlier each day as the summer progresses, you will want to consider your lighting options, including tea lights, solar-powered outdoor lights, lanterns, and string lights.

To achieve an ambience beyond just allowing guests to see each other, consider positioning lights to illuminate your flora and fauna. For safety, it is also a good idea to position lights along pathways and steps.

Please get in touch with our team to discuss or order from our range of wooden garden furniture, and take your garden party to the next level.