Outdoor entertaining ideas

Bringing family and friends together to enjoy some fun times in the garden is something we all love to do. Make the most of those great summer days or wrap up and enjoy the cooler nights with these outdoor entertaining ideas.

Garden party ideas

When the weather forecast looks good, and it happens to fall on the days you aren’t working; it’s time to make the most of it. Gathering all of your nearest and dearest around for a fun day in the garden will give you memories that will last forever

If you are planning a garden party, there are a variety of things you can do to make the occasion more memorable:

• Add lighting
• Have a fire pit
• Create an outdoor cinema

Choose a theme

Having a theme for your party allows everyone to participate in their own way. Create an exotic atmosphere with a tiki bar and give guests tropical flower leis to wear. Set up an outdoor coffee table with tropical drinks so guests can help themselves. Or create a proper British affair with lawn games and afternoon tea. You can also deck out your outdoor dining table with finger sandwiches and cakes.

Whatever theme you choose, you will find lots of options for decorations. From simple balloons to bright coloured bunting, you can create the perfect party space in your garden.

Add lighting

As the party carries on into the night, you can add magic to the occasion with illumination. Place tea lights around the edges of the garden. Stringing fairy lights through the trees or wrapping them around a pergola will give the whole garden a dreamy look.

Have a fire pit

Garden fire pits or fire bowls are the perfect end to any garden party. As the action winds down, everyone can relax in front of the flames. Create a cosy space with garden benches and seats around the area. If the night is going to be chilly, place some blankets over the back of the deck chairs so people can wrap up if they want to.

Create an outdoor cinema

Enjoying a film outside doesn’t have to be expensive. You can pick up an affordable projector and simply drape a sheet between two trees. As the night draws in, you can start the film, and everyone can relax and enjoy an outdoor cinema experience.

Garden furniture for outdoor entertaining

Whether you are enjoying a barbecue with close family or getting the gang round for a party, we have the perfect outdoor furniture for you. You can choose from a range of picnic tables, like the childrens picnic bench, so you have plenty of seating when everyone wants to eat.

We have garden chairs and outdoor coffee tables so you can create outdoor seating spaces for everyone to relax as the party winds down. Our range of kids picnic tables give the little ones their very own seating so they can be part of the occasion.

Our range of quality wooden garden furniture is made from Swedish Redwood. As a durable and hard-wearing wood, it’s the perfect material for making outdoor seating that will last. When you choose furniture from us, you will have handcrafted tables and chairs that can be used for many special occasions.

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