MG Timber was founded to provide people across the globe with commercial outdoor garden furniture which promotes and encourages connection with family & friends, the natural environment, and themselves.

We believe the dawn of new technology has brought great improvements to our world, yet its impact on our relationships is cause for concern. We cannot deny that we currently have the most advanced methods of communication in existence with the ability to stay connected to almost everyone and everything wherever we are in the world. So, why are so many of us feeling more disconnected from the world and other than ever before?

At MG Timber Products we idealise a world that creates the time and space for real authentic connection, to fill a void missing in so many of our lives today, whatever that may be. This could be something as simple as spending time with friends and family at an event, pub, or garden BBQ. Maybe it is outdoor dining in the countryside or taking the kids to the park while taking in the environment. Or simply taking 15 minutes to relax on your patio with one of our picnic benches and collect your thoughts. In this busy world where we are connected to everything, we want to create the time and space needed to reconnect to each other, to nature, and to ourselves.