MG Timber is the go-to place for top quality wooden garden furniture in Bilston, Wolverhampton and the West Midlands. But our reputation is growing fast and it’s growing internationally.

We have successfully loaded and dispatched our first shipping container of 240 A-frame picnic tables to Nigeria as part of our exclusive contract with Habitas Africa Limited. The wooden picnic tables are being used as part of Heineken’s Street Bar Project, with the benches being rolled out throughout Nigeria.

This is the first of three containers full of picnic tables scheduled for Nigeria this year.

Habitas first contacted us six months ago, desperately seeking 27 durable and attractive picnic benches for a street bar opening in Lagos. They were so impressed with the speed of delivery, quality of products and ease of assembly, that they knew exactly who to turn to when they required more pub benches.

But how did a company in Nigeria come to hear about a flourishing timber company in Bilston? Well, the good people at Habitas know the timber industry well. They have dealt with timber exclusively down the years, so they were fully aware of the superior nature of Swedish redwood, which we use specifically for our furniture. Habitas officials were looking for a product that could not be sourced locally and searched the internet for a high-quality provider of products made from Swedish redwood. It became evident to them very quickly that we were the stand-out candidates.

Due to the high humidity and heavy rainfall in Nigeria there are few timbers better suited than redwood. Swedish redwood is naturally resistant to moisture, more durable in outdoor conditions and experiences fewer twists than white woods, which is the most used timber in Nigeria. It makes Swedish redwood the perfect choice for long-lasting outdoor wooden furniture.

The quality of our picnic benches and professionalism of our team impressed the bosses at Habitas and resulted in a deal for 720 picnic benches to be shipped to Nigeria by the end of 2019.

If you would like more information on our range of wooden outdoor furniture visit or call 01902 928663.