Making the most of your garden, no matter its size, will significantly improve your happiness. The importance of our connection with the outside world can often be overlooked, but creating a garden that draws you into your outdoor space will help you reap the benefits of spending time outdoors. To enhance your area, you will need to consider garden furniture, soft furnishings such as cushions, planting, storage, and purpose.

If space is restricted, then your first decisions should be centred on making the area feel larger than it appears. You can create an illusion of extra space by adding garden mirrors or utilising your vertical space by introducing climbing plants or wall hanging pots. If your space is large, then you may want to define specific areas using a range of hard surfaces, grass, and border planting.

Small or large, adding outdoor lighting is a good idea. You can enjoy your garden’s aesthetics after the sun has set and use the space at all times of the year.

Use Furniture To Make The Most Of Your Space

Investing in good quality garden furniture can make a massive difference to your outdoor space’s aesthetic and functionality. It will encourage you to spend more time outdoors, which is excellent for your mental health and lifting your spirit.

You will want to create a cohesive space with an appropriate style, ranging from traditional to modern. You should consider if your garden furniture needs to blend in with the rustic charm or clean contemporary lines of your home’s interior and exterior. This is an essential consideration as you will likely see your garden furniture through your kitchen, dining, or living room windows.

You can maximise your garden’s potential by defining a clear focus for each area. When choosing your garden furniture, think about whether the space is for sitting, reading, and relaxing or for feeding a garden full of friends and family.

It is also essential to factor in where the sun hits your garden at different times of the day. Do you want to sit and absorb the warmth of the sun or spend time in the coolness of the shade? If you have a small courtyard, then you will need to choose patio furniture that gives you enough space to move around. 

Picking The Right Garden Furniture For The Space

Picking the right garden furniture begins with deciding how many people you need to sit. Loveseats are great for couples, but you may also want to add a picnic table or a patio coffee table and garden chairs for entertaining guests.

You can maintain the natural beauty of your space by adding wooden garden furniture. The beauty of timber is unrivalled, and species such as the Swedish redwood we use to make our handcrafted furniture offer many additional benefits.

Swedish redwood is naturally rot-resistant, water repellent, and an unappealing choice for insects. With these natural properties, there is little maintenance needed to keep the wooden garden furniture looking like new as you make memories through the coming years.

If you are looking to make the most of your garden, follow our advice and explore our range of domestic garden furniture.