Many of us are concerned about the impressions we give to people being welcomed into our homes. We often spend a lot of our time, money, and energy into making the inside of our home perfect and idyllic. But what about outside and our forgotten wooden garden furniture?

Well, with Spring just around the corner there is no better time than now to give your garden a well needed makeover. There are many ways in which to do this, from buying new to upcycling your current furniture. Perhaps you have a picnic bench from childhood that needs restoring or a log store that has been over used. No matter what size space you have, planning and preparation are key to make the most of your garden.

Restoring Existing garden sets

Wooden garden furniture is an ideal choice as it can be left outside all year round. However, this also has it’s downfalls and the furniture can become weathered, dull, and dirty. Although, there are plenty of products that can help you revive your wooden furniture, giving it a new lease of life.

The key to upcycling is to make the most of what you have. That old outdoor dining set or bench, perhaps you could use old wood cuttings or materials to brighten it up. Maybe you have a log store that has seen better days, there is no need to start again. Within a few hours you could have it looking like new with some simple elbow grease and a bit of creativity. Always make sure to check the condition of your wooden garden furniture before proceeding. It could potentially need sanding, cleaning or require a few screws. Especially with picnic tables and outdoor dining furniture, safety does need to be paramount. Once all checked the revamp can begin!

Add a pop of colour

Paining and adding colour is one of the easiest ways to make something look as good as new. Using special exterior paint, you can protect your wooden garden furniture from all the weather elements. All whilst making them pop within your newly refreshed garden space.

Additionally, you could inject colour my simply adding accessories to your wooden furniture. Items such as plant pots with seasonal colourful flowers or outdoor rugs. Perhaps some easy to remove cushions for your picnic benches, or coloured lights beside your outdoor dining furniture. All items can lift the exterior or your garden bringing happiness and new life.

A Cohesive Look With Matching Furniture

Often individuals want to portray their personal styles throughout their surroundings, this extends to their gardens. For many outdoor projects, mixing materials whilst having a clear cohesive theme is the perfect way forward. Mastering that mix and match look at the same time as being aesthetically pleasing to the eye. One of the easiest ways to complete this is by using your wooden garden furniture. It is the ideal location for throws, accessories, and personal touches to create that sense of ‘you’ and personal unique feel. Ideas for instance adding a wooden ornament to the side of your log store or adding a unique handle to the side to give it that lift. Or perhaps creating that ‘snug’ area with your picnic benches to resemble that intimate, idyllic space.

MG Timber

Here at MG Timber, we produce the highest quality, UK handmade wooden garden furniture. We create spaces that everyone can enjoy. Using the latest technology and supreme Swedish redwood, we ensure your garden is as real and as authentic as you. From picnic benches, log stores and outdoor dining furniture sets we have everything for you to makeover your garden. All handmade with your safety at heart, contact our sales team today.