Accsys, transforms fast growing, certified sustainable wood into what we know as Accoya wood. Since the launch in 2007, Accoya has been the number one choice for many manufactures within buildings and homes. It can be used for an array of applications for instance, cladding, decking, doors, windows, and furniture. Accoya has various benefits meaning timber projects can be completed with confidence and peace of mind.


Timber that equates to unprecedented stability and reliability. Accoya has been rigorously tested worldwide and has proven to be highly stable and durable, to stand the test of time. In various environments it has shown it does not warp, twist, swell or shrink in anyway like other typical timber. Additionally, it has been found to be rot and insect resistant due to it being indigestible.


As a true testament all Accoya wood comes with a 70 year minimum service life (the measure of how long a product is expected to last). In addition to either a 50 year above ground or 25 year below ground and freshwater warranty.


From an aesthetic point of view, Accoya has been tested for over 10 years. A number of different coatings, textures and colours have been used with various finishes including charred, smooth, and brushed. Accoya has exceeded expectations and has shown it does not flake or crack. Leaving the finished product looking perfect and lasting longer. This results in a product that is easy and hassle free to care for saving customers time and money in the future.


Unlike carbon materials such as plastic and toxic treated timber, Accoya is sourced from sustainable sources. It is accredited by the FSC® and Cradle to Cradle Gold certified™ and achieved C2C Platinum certification™ for Material Health making it the only construction material in the world to do so.

MG Timber

We use premium quality Accoya wood for a variety of our products. Not only do our customers benefit from the natural, rustic timber look our products create; but also benefit from the unprecedented strength and consistency that Accoya provides. Our highly skilled craftsmen create furniture they know you will love. If you want to find out more, contact our team today.