Wheelie bins can often be an eyesore to the outside of your house or even your back garden where you entertain. A lot of counsels now use wheelie bins and wheelie bin storage is a great solution to keeping your house looking beautiful. There are various benefits to wheelie bin sheds such as hiding the bins, reducing the smells, weather protection, and keeping unwanted animals away. But believe it or not, there are various types on the market, ranging in prices and material so choosing the right one for you is vital.

Why You Should Use Wooden Bin Sheds

One of the main aesthetically pleasing benefits of a wheelie bin shed over things such as fences or screens is that they can be placed anywhere and not necessarily against a wall. Although, often more expensive a bin shed encompasses the wheelie bin as a whole. With various options on the market from metal, plastic, or wood you need to consider all positives and negatives.

For us wooden bin stores are the ideal option and here is why:

Visually pleasing – wooden bin stores are able to blend into your garden no matter where they are the wood naturally appeases the eye and looks more natural with nature

Treated – most wooden sheds and certainly MG Timber sheds are pressure treated meaning they are able to withstand the British weather no matter what element they are facing. Furthermore, MG Timber use Redwood (Pinus Sylvestris) to build their bin storage. This particular tree produces natural chemicals within its pores, making the wood resistant to rot, weather erosion and insects.

Noise resistant – unlike plastic and metal, wooden stores don’t make any additional noise when it rains, keeping your house and garden the same peaceful area, it always has been.

Durability & Safety Options

As previously mentioned, wooden wheelie bin sheds are treated making them durable to all British elements but there are various other benefits making them safe and able to stand the test of time. MG Timber uses Redwood timber which is entirely natural and moisture resistant. It is also strong and moderately hard making it extremely durable with an average density of 520 kg/m3.

In comparison to other options, wooden stores have lids that are often controlled by chains with an added hook. This enables you to open both in one movement while also being able to secure the open position reducing the risk of the bin shutting on you and causing injury. Wheelie bin stores in general improve health and safety around your home and garden. As they protect your wheelie bin with full 360 cover, they can stop the bins from falling over due to the wind and discourage animals. Resulting in less rubbish across paths, reduced spillages, and reduced chances of bacteria from animals spreading.

Which Size Wheelie Bin Storage Do You Need?

Wheelie bins are often available in 3 sizes, 140l, 240l, and 360l but the standard size across the UK is 240l. The dimensions for this are H: 106cm x W: 57.5cm x D: 73cm. All MG Timber stores come with three options of single, double, and triple stores, all of which are H: 117cm x W: 90cm x D: 84cm. The main decision needs to be how much are you willing to invest. Wooden wheelie bin sheds are ideal solutions that stand the test of time. Furthermore, where are you going to keep your storage you ideally still need your bins close to your house so the person putting out the rubbish can do this quickly. Consider all the options and then you can make your informed choice.

If you have more questions on which bin storage is best for you, please contact our team today.