More and more people are opting for a wood-burning fireplace. This isn’t surprising because nothing is more relaxing than sitting in front of a log fire on a cold winter day. A log fire, log store combination makes owning a wood-burning fire extremely convenient.

Creating a beautiful focal point in the room, the crackling and popping of burning wood will help you de-stress and unwind, which is great for your mental health. If you have a busy schedule, a log fire log store puts your wood close to hand and keeps mess, dust, dirt, and insects out of your home.

Firewood is a cost-efficient source of winter fuel, so having a log shed means you no longer need to worry about an expensive electric or gas bill falling through your letterbox at the end of winter. Locally-sourced firewood is environmentally-friendly, and it is a renewable commodity with saplings quickly regrowing where the wood has been felled.

Health Benefits Of A Log Fire

Three scientific studies have recently shown that watching a fire and hearing its crackling sounds significantly reduces your blood pressure. Opting for a log fire and outdoor log store has several other health benefits as well.

The fire can alleviate symptoms if you suffer from illnesses or allergies that are aggravated by damp air. The log fire quickly and efficiently dries out your home, and the log store keeps the mess outside.

Air becomes more pleasant to breathe, and removing moisture from the air in your home helps prevent the formation of mould, which can be damaging to your health. An updraft is an effective tool for pulling allergens and other particles from a room.

Why You Should Have A Log Store

Log storage keeps your logs organised and out of sight while allowing firewood to dry (season). By keeping rain, snow, and sleet off your logs, you keep the wood’s moisture content as low as possible and get more heat out of your firewood when you burn it.

A wooden log store will help your family avoid nasty accidents and injuries, which is essential if you have children who play in your garden. With a log fire, log store combi, you can access your logs quickly and easily by storing them at a point close to your back door. You don’t need to store piles of wood inside your home, and our beautiful Swedish Redwood log stores will become a star-feature in any garden.