There is nothing quite like a roaring, crackling fire in winter to keep you and your home warm and toasty. However, the efficiency of how well your wood burns, all comes down to how well you have stored it. There are various methods of storage, but the best way is to start outside.

How long to store your wood

Firewood has to age to burn properly. If you have freshly cut down the wood, burning this before it has ‘cured’ can cause creosote build-up within your chimney. This can cause an array of issues such as a dangerously smoky house and even cause a chimney fire over time. Unseasoned wood also provides minimal heat output, burns for a shorter amount of time and in some cases can cause carbon monoxide build-up. Generally, it is ideal to leave your wood for at least 6 months prior to burning, essentially seasoning for a season.


The location of where you store your wood is a very important decision to make, the location needs to be easily accessed but also away from the great British weather. Many people like to store their wood inside to save them leaving the home. However, this is not recommended mainly due to creatures that can live in and on the wood itself. Additionally, the wood is less likely to age well due to a lack of airflow to dry it efficiently. Your location needs to be at least dry avoiding low areas where dew, fog and mist are prone, flat, away from dripping trees and 6 metres from your home to prevent pests.

How to stack

Wood packing is a skill and there are several stacking and layering methods. The height needs to be carefully considered so the pile is stable and not likely to fall over, ideally no higher than 1 metre. Your wood needs to stacked in an orderly way however still leaving gaps to enable air flow.

Protecting your wood: Log Stores

To protect and store your wood you can use a wood store from MG Timbers. Using tough, durable, and aesthetically pleasing Swedish Redwood; our bespoke, hand crafted outdoor log stores are the ideal companion to keep your wood protected this winter.  Contact MG Timber today to order or discuss the options we can create for your winter wood needs.