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It is easy to forget your outdoor furniture when you move indoors for the winter. However, if you want it to last, you need to take action now. If you can’t store your garden furniture inside a garage, shed, or summerhouse during the cold, wet, windy, and snowy months of the year, then you need winterproof garden furniture.

If you do not have winterproof garden furniture, then it is at risk of warping, cracking, rotting, fading, greying, or falling foul of mould and mildew. It is easy to turn your existing items into weather resistant garden furniture, and we are going to cover the options open to you.


Weather Resistant Outdoor Furniture

To winterproof garden furniture, you can apply a protective treatment. It is also a great idea to cover the items over winter with a polyester cover or waterproof tarp. Even if the furniture is covered, it can be susceptible to dampness and condensation, so treating is essential.

You can winterproof garden furniture by treating it with a specialist wood varnish, and these provide long-lasting protection. Varnishes are available in clear and natural wood colours, so you have the option to add a tint to the wood if you desire.

Don’t forget to bring your cushions indoors over winter. If you are storing cushions in a garage or shed, first place them inside a bag to protect them against damp, dirt, and dust.

We make our benches, tables, and chairs from Swedish Redwood because it blends beauty with toughness. This makes it ideal all-weather garden furniture. Swedish Redwood has excellent characteristics, including resistance to moister and insects. It is super smooth and has a stunning grain that can take varnish or paint.

Easy Garden Furniture Maintenance

It is best to winterproof garden furniture on a sunny day, ideally before winter starts to take hold. Wipe down your chairs, tables, and benches with a sponge, soap, warm water, or a specialist wood-cleaning product to remove dirt, grime, and algae.

Apply the varnish as directed by the manufacturer. If you are using paint, ensure it contains wood preservatives. After treatment and on a sunny day, occasionally lift off the protective covers so the items can air.

Staying on top of your garden furniture maintenance will reduce the amount of time you need to spend in spring preparing your chairs and tables for use. When you winterproof garden furniture, you will also save yourself the expense of replacing neglected items.