Your garden should be a haven from the hustle and bustle of the village, town, or city in which you live. However, the serenity and tranquillity of this space can be shattered by unsightly wheelie bins, their odours, and in some cases, piles of firewood. The solution to keeping these out of sight, neat, and tidy is bin sheds and log stores.

Through 2020 and 2021, the rise and popularity of log stores and bin sheds have soured as many people have sought to make the most of their garden space. Whether people were on furlough, working more days at home, homeschooling, or shielding, the garden became a safe space and a high-priority area for makeovers and renovations.

Keep Your Wheelie Bins Out Of Sight

Bin sheds are the ideal way to keep your wheelie bins out of sight. Crafted for single, two, or three wheelie bin storage, natural wood bin sheds hide away your regular rubbish, recycling and garden waste bins.

It is not only improving the aesthetics of the garden that provides benefits to the homeowner or tenant. Bin sheds prevent the lids of wheelie bins from being blown open and spreading their contents across your garden.

Easy to assemble, attractive, and providing protection against vermin and other wildlife, bin sheds are a practical solution. They provide straightforward access with a lifting wooden top for dropping in rubbish, and a hinged front door, for wheeling the bin to the end of your property on refuse collection day.

Safety & Neatly Store FireWood

When it comes to storing firewood, there are many considerations for homeowners. Tidiness is desirable, but safety is important too. With log sheds, you can stack your firewood near your house and know that the stack will not fall over, forward, or roll out to the sides. Any of these situations could pose a trip and fall danger.

Of course, everyone’s needs are slightly different, with some using firewood occasionally and others using it every day. There are log stores perfectly sized for each extreme, letting you safely store just the right quantity of firewood within easy reach for cosy nights in front of your log burner or stove.

Our log stores and bin sheds bring handcrafted beauty to any garden, with the natural wood grains synonymous with the natural surroundings. Each piece of timber comes from selected cuts rated as furniture grade. Pressure-treated and with a bit of care, a log store or bin shed from MG Timber will last for decades.

Many people who purchase these items leave them in their natural state. However, the items can be stained or painted to match the colour of your other garden furniture or simply to satisfy your design tastes.

You can view our range and order online or contact our team for further information or if you have any questions about our log and bin storage solutions.