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Handmade in the UK by our skilled craftsmen

Made Using Finest Swedish Redwood

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Efficiency is about making the best possible use of resources and is important for all businesses no matter the size. The more efficient a business is in its daily operations the more the business can grow with maximum output. There are a number of ways efficiency can...

Benefits Of Accoya

Accsys, transforms fast growing, certified sustainable wood into what we know as Accoya wood. Since the launch in 2007, Accoya has been the number one choice for many manufactures within buildings and homes. It can be used for an array of applications for instance,...

How to store your winter wood outside

There is nothing quite like a roaring, crackling fire in winter to keep you and your home warm and toasty. However, the efficiency of how well your wood burns, all comes down to how well you have stored it. There are various methods of storage, but the best way is to...

Which Wheelie Bin Storage Option Is Right for You

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Why You Should Never Keep Your Wheelie Bins Indoors

According to The Government Statistical Service the UK generates 43.9 million tonnes of business and household waste a year, of which 85% of this is produced by England alone. Our wheelie bins can hold between 120 and 360 litres of rubbish, therefore resulting in...

How Clean Is Your Wheelie Bin?

As bin collections reduce, our wheelie bins are becoming increasingly smelly, rancid and moist with rotting waste, causing residue, leaks and spillages, flies and maggots over time. The ideal environment for bacteria to thrive. Studies have found that swabbing the...