Organowood – 03 Cleaner

You can also use the cleaner on previously treated surfaces to maintain these. The soap is effective for surfaces with slight grime through to surfaces coated in heavy dirt. The Organowood Cleaner is an environmentally labelled detergent, so you can feel good about using this product as often as you need.

When it comes to looking after your chairs, tables, and benches, Organowood products are the perfect solution. It can restore the beauty of our Swedish redwood garden furniture and prepare it for coating with Organowood’s Protection and Repellent preservatives.


Organowood – 03 Cleaner will allow you to easily and quickly clean outdoor wooden garden furniture and floors while adding protective properties to the wood. You can use Organowood as a general cleaner, and you should use Organowood Cleaner before applying Organowood – 01 Protection, which protects the wood against rot and flames.


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