Organowood – 01 Protection

The Organowood – 01 Protection is part one of a two-part system; the second part is Organowood – 02 Repellent. This product mimics the natural fossilisation process to protect your wood from flames and rot. Furthermore, the wood treatment is eco-friendly and takes its inspiration from nature.

The Organowood protection system is environmentally friendly and does not contain heavy metals or biocides. Instead, Organowood creates a barrier of silicon minerals and natural plant compounds to protect the wood against fungus, flames, and rot.

You can use Organowood Protection on European hardwoods, softwoods, and pressure-treated softwoods. This means that you can protect your garden furniture, as well as your fencing, decking, sheds, and exterior timber cladding.



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Maintaining and protecting your wooden garden furniture is a job to enjoy because you will ensure your tables, chairs, and benches will retain their natural beauty, well into the future. In pristine condition, your furniture will be the centre attraction of your garden and continue to give you the perfect place to relax and socialise with friends and family.

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